Roger Thijs

Roger P. G. Thijs, born in and citizen of Belgium, president of Euro-Support, Inc.
Master of Engineering, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
M.B.A. Handelshogeschool Antwerpen (associated with the Northwestern)

volvo Roger started his career as production control manager for Volvo Car (Sint Truiden plant). When the company diversified towards customers outside the Volvo group he started the technical office for production set-up, costing and financing of these activities.
monsanto He was production responsible for the Monsanto Silicon production in the Ghent plant, before this activity was relocated to Spartanburg, SC. Later he ran the maintenance dept. for the Butvar and GMS chemical plants in Antwerp and became project engineering group leader of the Ghent Saflex plant.
etap Roger has been technical director of the Etap lighting plant in Malle, B., in a period this company was also producing word processors and video monitors. The assembly dept. as well as the metal sheet working dept. have been tuned to kanban logistics.
alliance Later Roger became production director of the D'Hooge ironers plant in Ghent, B. and of the Alliance ceramicsteel plant in Genk, B. before he started with his own company Euro-Support, Inc. in 1996.
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